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FY18 Coach Cohort

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                                                                              FY18 Coach Cohort

District Coaches completed the FY18 SDI Coach Cohort on May 10, 2018. They participated in five sessions of collaborative learning to develop a framework for substantive changes at the teacher level, school level, and district level for continuous improvement of student achievement. They learned strategies aligned to Dr. Robert J. Marzano’s framework for effective instruction using The New Art and Science of  Teaching, and effective coaching strategies through Dr. Jim Knight’s The Impact Cycle. Coaches will work collaboratively with school administrators to implement and replicate these effective strategies across the district

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Sessions Completed: 

Building Relationships
Implementing Clear Rules and Procedures
Communicating High Expectations
Communicating Clear Learning Goals
Identify, Learn, and Improve Coaching (Embedded)


Nicole Anderson-Long County
Kathy Browne-Bryan County
Emily Bryans-Bryan County
Wregina Carryl-Long County
Cynthia Chambliss-Chatham County
Karla Clayton-Effingham County
Amanda Crews-Long County
Tracy Cummings-Chatham County
Magan Davis-Effingham County
Ta’Ree Driggers-Bryan County
Jeannie Durkarski-Effingham County
Chris Elkins-Bryan County
Yentl Floyd-Chatham County
Kristine Hickson-Glynn County
Stephanie Irish-Chatham County
Melanie Jenkins-White-Chatham County
Teresa Lathem-McIntosh County
Natalia Martinez-Bryan County
Heidi McDaniel-Glynn County
Erin McNamara- Chatham County
Christine Metzger-Glynn County
Jacinta Mikell-Chatham County
Emily Odom-Effingham County
Kellie Otwell-McIntosh County
Falana Polite-Chatham County
Leslie Poppell-McIntosh County
Misty Robinette-Long County
Amy Rogers-Long County
Ann Thompson-Long County
Tracey Wendel-Glynn County
Susan Westphal-Bryan County
Jessie Williams-Effingham County
Melissa Williams-McIntosh County
Renee Williams-Chatham County
Gloria Young-Effingham County

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