Co-Teaching Resources Lesson Planning Resources:  Coastal GLRS has created a LIVEBINDER for special education teachers and co-teaching teams to utilize in the process of developing standards-based instructional units and lessons. Developing the Team Resources: For an entertaining and informative look at building positive relationships in a Co-taught setting, take a look at50 Ways to Keep Your Co-Teacher: Strategies for Before, During, and After Co-Teachingfrom Teaching Exceptional Children. Curriculum and Planning Resources: Planning lessons with all students strengths and needs in mind requires a special approach.  Take a look at the National Center on Universal Design for Learning videos to learn about UDL. Watch this Prezi on UDL. Research Based Instructional Strategies Think, Pair, Share is a high impact cooperative learning approach that allows for summarizing, comparing/contrasting, restating an idea, collaboration, think time, and using different learning modalities to review information in a student friendly format. Teacher Cast describes 12 variations on this strategy with and without technology use. Assessment Practice Formative Instructional Practices (FIP) are key to increasing student achievement.  The Georgia DOE is offering online learning modules to help systems learn how to use FIP in their classrooms.  Go check it out!  Webinar Series Go to page 4 of the GADOE webinar recordings to view Co-Teaching professional learning sessions.

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