What is a Personal Learning Network (PLN)? A PLN is a form of professional development that occurs by making connections with individuals and resources based upon a topic of interest.  Educators are encouraged to develop informal learning networks for the purpose of expanding professional learning via global communities in addition to professional learning provided by school districts. How does a PLN work? PLNs are operated in a variety of ways both formal and informal.  Educators may choose to curate and read information on particular topics to stay informed or join a group with a common interest to have discussions and share resources. Coastal GLRS supports Personal Learning Networks for Special Educators by offering multiple curated resources by categories.  See our SOCIAL MEDIA icons on each page of our website.
  • See our PINTEREST boards to view/share ideas for assistive technology, autism, behavior, instructional strategies, literacy, thinking maps, etc.
  • See our topics to view/share reading materials for autism, literacy, math, etc.
  • Join our Collaborative Community wikispaces created for educators with job-alike positions.  We encourage you to network with other educators to share current best practices and resources.  The wikispaces can be accessed by selecting the job-specific collaborative community on our home page.
  • View our Diigo lists to see web resources by topic.
These are just a few of the tools we use to share resources with our followers in the field of special education.  

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