Professional Learning

Coastal GLRS offers many opportunities and resources for professional learning specific to administrators and teachers of students with disabilities.   CAPACITY BUILDING PROJECTS Districts and/or schools may request participation in a capacity building project with GLRS.  This method of professional learning utilizes a school-wide framework that involves the building leadership team as the primary participants of professional learning.  This method ensures that professional learning activities are aligned with school improvement initiatives and work seamlessly with the school’s organization and culture.  It also significantly increases active engagement and implementation of the project activities by all school personnel. To request participation in a capacity building project, school administrators may contact Dr. Charity Roberts to discuss available opportunities and create an implementation timeline and assurances.  Professional learning and materials are typically at no or little cost to schools that participate in capacity building projects.  Registration fees will apply to individual participants not involved in a project. Coastal GLRS requests that school administrators complete an application to participate prior to confirmation of project enrollment. PERSONAL LEARNING NETWORKS Individual professional learning has evolved into a process in which teachers and administrators can use a variety of sources and portals to promote personal growth in their field.  Coastal GLRS has established several portals in which teachers and administrators can learn about special education topics outside of a typical classroom setting.  This format allows flexibility for participants to learn/participate within an established window of course access. One of our new resources is HAIKU Learning Management System.  HAIKU is a web-based course platform that allows teachers and administrators to take classes either completely online or in a hybrid model. VIRTUAL CLASSES There are many professional learning topics that benefit from group sharing and discussions even if these do not occur face-to-face.  Therefore, some professional learning will require class meetings online.  Coastal GLRS uses ADOBE CONNECT as a web-based classroom for groups to meet at a common time and complete some or all of the class requirements in a group.  Participants and instructors may share documents and chat with audio and video.  A webcam and microphone are required for use in ADOBE CONNECT sessions. FACE-TO-FACE Coastal GLRS will continue to offer some professional learning in a face-to-face model.  Classes may be offered at the Coastal GLRS Center or a designated school location within a district. REGISTRATION FOR ALL PROFESSIONAL LEARNING Teachers and administrators register for all courses, workshops, and collaboratives using GoSignMeUp.  This site processes all registrations and payments. Once registration is complete, participants will receive email notification of enrollment in the selected course and any directions/requirements for participation.

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